The total (T)PACKage


Hi again,

Whilst completing Assignment 3 I have been searching for examples of using Mishra & Koehler’s (2006) Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (T-PACK) Framework, for the integration of ICTs into lessons whilst teaching. I came across a YouTube clip, titled (funnily enough) TPack Framework, which whilst only short, gives a good explanation of the idea behind T-PACK, which I’m sure for a lot of people is still a little bit confusing (it was for me – that’s why I was googling it!).

Anyway, I hope it helps some of you with your understanding of the concept of the T-PACK Framework.

Good luck with Assignment 3 everyone!

Until next time!


About rubylou72

I am a mother of 4, and I am about to begin the final year of my Bachelor of Education in Primary degree. I created this blog as a requirement of the university course: EDC3100 - ICT & Pedagogy, and it will contain the experiences and learning of ICTs gained during my participation in this course.

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